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When I first started thinking about open data in Kansas City, a name immediately popped in my mind: Steve Lebofsky, soft spoken knower of almost everything. Steve works in City Planning and Development on statistics and research. If you have a question, Steve usually has an answer and some data to back it up.  Today, Steve is publishing more than 60 reports on the data catalog.

Council Boundary Map
Perhaps you would like see the 2011 Council District Boundaries. This is a map you can view online or download.

Census Reports
Many of the reports contain census information that is used by different sectors in the community. When Community organizations write grants they use the census reports to analyze the populations and issues related to communities they are targeting for services. Neighborhood groups use the census information to understand the changing indicators of the people and conditions where they live. Entrepreneurs interested in starting a business use the census information to learn about the characteristics of potential clients.

Tailored Reports
As you browse the data catalog you can see the Business Establishment Example Report. This report looks at businesses across the city. However, this report can be tailored to a specific geographic location. For more information, send an email to

Data about Steve
He loves to travel. Recent trips include Peru, Vienna and China. Steve and his wife Margitta  enjoyed volunteering at  the Panda research center on their trip to China. steve1 His best trip ever was the Galapagos Islands, where he walked freely and safely among the wildlife. Next trip planned: Madagascar. Steve grew up in Philadelphia, moved to Kansas City and started working for the City in 1976. Steve thinks Kansas City has great quality of life; he should know he’s been almost everywhere!

Up Next
Meet the Code for America fellows and find out about their month in residency.


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