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Open Data KC
Open data is a simple concept really. Governments collect, create and maintain information and data. Most of that information is public, meaning there is no expectation of privacy. Residents pay for it with their tax dollars, and they deserve to have access to it. Kansas City is taking another step toward openness and transparency.

This step is an open data catalog. It’s a government platform that’s easy to find, easy to use and easy to explore. Researchers, scientists and journalists will analyze the data and information. Programmers will build phone apps with government data. The rest of us will explore the data for information we care about.


Kansas City launched the Open DatCatalog with the delivery of the FY2013-14 Submitted Budget. For the first time ever, line item detail is given to the elected officials and the public. The budget is available for your review online anytime. If you want to attend a public hearing in your area, see the schedule.

Open government is more than transparency. Open government includes listening and responding to feedback from residents. The budget data can be filtered by different categories. Learn how to make your own view and save it for others to see.
Comment on the data set or a particular view. Learn how from this quick video.

Tell us what kind of data you are interested in having in the data catalog. Vote using our ranking tool. This open source tool was formatted for use in Kansas City’s Open Data project by Capstone MBA students from Rockhurst University.

Up Next
Stay tuned for future data sets. Coming up next: downloadable neighborhood level census reports from City Planning and Development.


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